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Valerie Schuch

I love getting people together and hosting a space for quality thinking and reflection time - where we get to explore issues that effect us all as a group and take time out to consider how they apply to us personally in our own lives.

Leading the Way
...with greater inspiration, confidence, skill & brilliance!

This is a senior leadership development programme designed to inspire, support, nourish and equip people in key positions of influence – people who care about bringing their very best to what they do and encouraging the same from the people they work with, support and develop.

It currently runs as an open programme, providing the valuable opportunity of networking and sharing best practice with peers from other sectors and organisations (but can also be tailored to run in-house).

While sharing helpful strategies for leading, managing and developing ourselves and others, this programme also hosts the space for the valuable sharing of skills, wisdom and experience amongst participants. This is an intelligent, mature, organic and co-creative conversation between peers – willing to share what works – in our continuing efforts to add the greatest value and contribution to the organisations, people and causes we serve.

We will explore how to be the kind of leaders (and managers) that we are proud of being – who embody our highest values and greatest aspirations with authenticity, confidence and grace – and lead by example. You will come away with a clearer sense of how you personally choose to ‘lead the way’ going forward - with plenty of insights, tools and strategies for keeping yourself on track with what really matters and effective ways of engaging the hearts, minds and goodwill of others for the fulfilment of shared goals and purposes.

This programme currently consists of four full day modules, run over four months, with personal leadership/executive coaching support between modules. A half day 1:1 coaching session (and follow-up call), in between each module, help each participant to apply and integrate the most relevant and meaningful insights into their personal circumstances and address their most important issues.

4 modules:

  • Working with Human Potential
  • Inspiring Leadership
  • Truly Collaborative Ways of Working
  • Coaching, Mentoring & Developing People

There is also the option of an additional follow-up, review & mastermind session three months later.

Please contact me to find out about the programme in more detail.

Sheer Brilliance

The Sheer Brilliance leadership programme is one of my favourites, which incorporates the very best of what has been most helpful for me and the many others I have worked with over the last 20 years.

Through it, we explore how to lead ourselves and others more effectively, how to tap into and work with our inner wisdom and resources in a powerful and positive way (rather than inadvertantly holding ourselves back), and how to develop the key skills that will help us make the greatest difference in the areas of our lives/work we care about most.

Sheer Brilliance is a personal leadership and life-coaching programme (open or corporate) that incorporates a series of modules blending personal development, coaching, accelerated learning, psychology, NLP (neuro linguistic programming), mind-science and valuable life/leadership/people skills.

Sheer Brilliance explores…

  • what big picture success means to us personally
  • our own sense of values and purpose
  • the concept of balance within ourselves and our lives/work
  • clarity around our own personal development plans
  • the mind-science at the heart of knowing how to access our full potential
  • the power of a positive focus in making the greatest difference
  • how to align our attitudes and behaviours with our desired outcomes
  • building self-esteem and confidence in ourselves and others
  • developing a clear direction with advance goal-setting and planning
  • being more creative and focused on solutions/ideal outcomes
  • the power of conscious intention and attention within key life skills, including...
    • effective communication (listening, assertiveness, trust)
    • building and developing rich relationships
    • creating a valuable relationship with time
    • how to coach and support ourselves
    • sharing good counsel, best practice and collective wisdom

Meeting Life With Love

A personal and shared enquiry evolving consciousness and questioning our sense of the sacred or reverence in who we are, what we do and how we choose to be in the world.

We will look on a deep level at whether it is a good idea to meet life (and what happens in it) with love or not, what the alternatives and implications are, what it means if we do, and how we can do it in our daily lives.

The 'meeting life with love' programme is split into four modules, which I affectionately refer to as Sacred4...

  • Sacred Choice
  • Sacred Relationships
  • Sacred You
  • Sacred Life
This programme is a live, organic and enriching conversation between participants - rather than a predetermined sharing from me - where much of the value is found in what happens in between sessions and what we can learn from it when we get together.

Style & Format

My style is a relaxed and light-hearted one, creating a comfortable environment to question and explore, while we share new ideas, insights, experiences, fun, inspiration, practical tools and application.

Programmes usually run over a period of time - for example, one day a month for several months - to allow time in-between modules for application to and learning from real life. Programme design, content and timings can be easily tailored to meet different requirements.There is always the valuable option of integrating personal coaching sessions between modules, to support each individual in maximising the relevance to them and living the work.

Leadership programmes and workshops can be tailored and crafted to any level within an organisation or to incorporate the most relevant and appropriate elements for your situation. Together, we can co-create what's going to work best for you.

Please contact me to talk about any of my programmes or what you might be looking for...


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