Valerie Schuch
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Valerie Schuch

Hi. Welcome to my site.

I have always been fascinated by the whole field of personal development, life coaching, leadership and spirituality - exploring the quality of relationship we have with ourselves, others, what we do and life itself.

So most of my career has been devoted to exploring different ways of making the most of being human and living life to the full, given who we are and what we care about.

At the heart of most of my work is sharing the understanding of how to tap into and work with our natural creative intelligence and inner wisdom, in the process of meaningful change.

We can work together in different ways, to have fun with the deep and meaningful, share what will bring out the best in us, and discover how to take whatever's important to the next level.

If you are inspired in any way to have a conversation and see where it takes us,
please do get in touch... 

07946 423251
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