Valerie Schuch
  Personal & Professional Development
Valerie Schuch

I have been designing, developing and delivering personal development, leadership and life skills programmes for all ages and levels for over twenty years – based on what has been most helpful for me and proven to be most valuable in supporting others. I am fascinated with how we can lead ourselves and others most effectively, allowing us to understand how to be at our best, bring out the best in others and be successful in the things that we care about most.

Inner Wisdom

At the heart of most of my work, are the insights and understanding of how to tap into and work with our natural inner wisdom and creative intelligence, to make the most of our potential. An understanding of this simple mind-science both inspires and enables us to become more conscious of and take greater care in choosing what we focus on - what we give our attention, time and energy to. It underpins everything from the language we use, questions we ask, expectations we hold in our daily activities, and intentions we set. It is foundational in my facilitation of new thinking, attitudes and behaviours in support of meaningful change. This offers people greater awareness, choices and confidence in moving forward with what's important to them - influencing how they perceive and respond to things, what they focus on, and ultimately the kind of experiences they choose to create for themselves and others.

Pro-active Choices

I like to share lots of practical application and incorporate the personal examples and experiences of the people I’m working with. As a person who truly values people who live inspiring ideals while being grounded and down-to-earth, this is how I aim to be myself. My personal commitment in working together is to honour and uphold true win-win principle in relationship, with light-heartedness and compassion, while adventuring into the most meaningful and significant areas of life/business together. My intention is to inspire and empower people to make responsible and pro-active choices, develop the skills that will help them be successful at whatever matters most, and become better able to make the most of themselves and life/work in their own way.


Some of the clients I have worked with include The Body Shop, Blockbusters, GlaxoSmithKline, BP, BT, Investors In People, the MOD, Hilton, Royal Mail, Tate, UMB, Britannia / CFS, UCL, Centre for Excellence in Leadership, Groundwork UK, various charities / non-profits / SME's and key leaders from different fields. I also run open programmes and have worked with children and the public sector.



Different ways of working together…

  • Personal & professional development programmes

  • Management & leadership

  • Specific keynotes & workshops

  • One-to-one & group coaching

  • Soft skills training & development

  • Collaborative consultancy

  • Event & conference design

  • Meeting & event facilitation

I am always open to new ideas and having a conversation to see if or how I can help you or be of service, so please feel free to get in touch.


07946 423251
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