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Valerie Schuch

Coaching is one of the most profound and sacred ways I am privileged to engage with people – where we partner up to look at and explore what matters most and how things in this area can be even better than they currently are.

I believe that pure quality of attention is a form of love - and one of the greatest gifts we can give anyone or anything. Pure listening, a deep faith in the value of the coaching process, and a range of skillful questions and helpful tools can - in the space and spirit of collaboration and goodwill - open up the gateway to true wisdom, insights and genius.

Coaching allows us to be creative, discover the underlying patterns and beliefs that are either helping or hindering us, and come up with meaningful and enriching ways forward with whatever we care about that we would like to be different.

Choosing to be in a coaching relationship with another human being (or beings), where we have the courage and care to give our full attention to what's going on for them, is a powerful experience. We get to question together what’s working well already (so we can build on it), what’s not working so well (so we can change it), and how to move forward effectively and confidently (in ways that feel good) to achieve
whatever's important.



Happy to work with…

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Groups/teams
  • Organisations look at what will make the greatest difference in what matters most to you.

Please contact me to explore the options.


07946 423251
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